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Building Fully Automated WordPress Maintenance Plans & Selling Them.

The first-ever WordPress Maintenance Course focused on building fully automated systems and developing a sales and onboarding process for selling more profitable and manageable care plans.

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Increase Your Monthly Earnings with Predictable Income

A Course For Website Creators to Learn, Build, & Sell Automated WordPress Maintenance Plans.


Building a Fully Automated System

We go step-by-step in creating a maintenance system that runs on its own and does not interfere with your day-to-day business.


Learn & Build Sales & Onboarding Processes

Building a system is only half of it. This course focuses on sales, presentations, pricing, and converting your clients to your plans.


Includes Sales Assets & Contract Templates

This course and workshop include downloadable contract templates, proposal templates, and 3 Elementor landing page designs.

WordPress Maintenance on Autopilot

Less Time on Maintenance & More Time For Your Business.

When I say automated, I mean having a process where you spend less than 30 minutes a week maintaining all sites.


Step By Step Building an Automated System

We walk through every step to building an automated system and creates processes together.


Learn Exactly What to Include in Your Maintenance Plans

We go through the do's and don'ts with maintenance offerings to avoid any pitfalls & painpoints.


Spend Less Time With More Profits Managing All Sites

A properly built maintenance system should not interfere with your projects and daily workflow.


Over 4 Hours of Strategically Structured Content

Carefully created with 4 months of planning and 5 years of running a successful maintenance business.

A Fully Automated WordPress Maintenance System Should:

Creating a High Sales & Conversion Rate.

Let's Talk About The Business Behind Maintenance Plans.

This course is a 2-part course & workshop. The 1st half of the course shows you how to build an automated maintenance system. The 2nd half shows you how to sell plans and run them as a successful & profitable business.


Pricing Guidelines And Plans

No more guessing about how much to charge. We'll create a pricing plan that is profitable and worth the value your clients receive.


Sales Brochures & Proposals

Includes downloadable and customizable sales templates. You'll learn how to use these assets to close more sales and onboard clients faster.


Contract Templates Included

Use our contracts for your business. A valuable asset, this contract template creates clear expectations and protects you from liabilities.


Elementor Landing Page Templates

Special for Elementor users, 3 JSON downloadable templates that are easily customizable and ready to go. Just add your brand colors & fonts.

Your Course & Workshop Includes:

Everything Possibly Needed is Included to Start Earning Monthly Recurring Revenue.

This course & workshop has been carefully strategized and worked on for the last 4 months. My goal is for web creators to have everything needed to start including WordPress Maintenance services the right way and start building Monthly Recurring Revenue. You'll have a fully automated system, add value to your clients, and most importantly, you'll learn how to sell them.


Over 4-Hours of Training & Workshops

From many months of strategy & planning, you will have a properly built Maintenance Business by the end of this course.


Building an Automated System

A strategical guide for you to walk through step-by-step for building your own automated maintenance system.


Policies, Guidelines, & Business Model

We'll create a business model with processes to help manage clients, projects & build profitable MRR.


Bonus Workshop: Create Retainer Packages

Retainer packages have become another high source of revenue for our design studio. I will share our system and processes.


Proposal & Brochure Templates

The sales tool provided can be used to have a significant increase in conversion rates as your clients choose your plans.


Contract & Agreement Templates

Included is an easy-to-use and understand contract for you and your clients that also help with fast onboarding.


3 Elementor Landing Page Templates

Save time by adding your sales and landing page to your Elementor site and setting up your page in minutes.


Dedicated Slack Group & Monthly Zoom Calls

Learn with others! For the first year, there will be an active Slack community and monthly group Zoom calls.

Your Journey Through Your Course...

Lesson 1: Why Offer WordPress Maintenance Plans
Lesson 2: Course Overview – Setting Expectations
Lesson 3: Let’s Get Prepared
Lesson 4: The Foundation, The Value
Lesson 5: Identifying Client’s Problems
Lesson 6: The Solutions We Provide
Lesson 7: What Are The Solutions Worth, Understanding The Value
Lesson 8: [Exercise] Possible Profit Losses
Lesson 9: Getting Clients To See The Value
Lesson 10: The Primary Purpose
Lesson 11: Creating A Plan To Solve All Crucial Problems
Lesson 12: Finalizing The Foundation Of Our Plans
Lesson 13: The Extras
Lesson 14: WooCommerce & Complex Site Maintenance
Lesson 15: Maintenance + Hosting
Lesson 16: Premium Plugin Packages

After establishing our foundation and laying the groundwork for our plans and offerings, we will look at identifying additional value to offer based on our client type and increasing our prices to meet this value increase.

Lesson 18: Let’s Create Care Plans: Workshop Exercise
Lesson 19: Scheduling Maintenance
Lesson 20: Delivering Our Basic Plan
Lesson 21: Backups, Backups, & Backups
Lesson 22: Plugin, Theme, & Core Updates
Lesson 23: Fixing Bugs & Breaks From Updates
Lesson 24: Uptime Monitoring
Lesson 25: 24/7 Security Monitoring
Lesson 26: Performance Monitoring
Lesson 27: Maintaining WooCommerce & Other Complex Websites
Lesson 28: Sending Clients Website Reports
Lesson 29: The Extras In Our Plans
Lesson 30: Maintaining Sites We Did Not Build
Lesson 31: Ethics & Responsibilities
Lesson 32: Workshop
Lesson 33: Let’s Talk About Business Intro
Lesson 34: Let’s Talk About Marketing & Sales Intro
Lesson 35: Positioning Our Plans In Proposals
Lesson 36: Positioning Our Website
Lesson 37: Increasing Conversions When Upselling
Lesson 38: Selling to Existing Clients
Lesson 39: Managing The Business Of Our Plans
Lesson 40: Pricing – How Much To Charge
Lesson 41: Collecting Payments
Lesson 42: Setting Terms & Policies
Lesson 43: Creating A Simple Flow
Lesson 44: Creating Contracts & Agreements
Lesson 45: Creating A Client Dashboard
Lesson 46: Recap & Conclusions
Lesson 47: Final Workshop – Finalizing Our Business Setup

Here we’ll learn how to build a process for additional requests by our clients and to make sure we aren’t working for free!

Enrollment is Open and the Course is Live!


One-time Purchase

Includes full course access, workshop materials, templates, landing pages, and all future updates with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

For the First 100 Early Bird Signups!

One-on-One Coaching Included. Together We'll Fine Tune Your Process & Systems.

I'm Jeffrey at Lytbox 👋 Creative Director and Founder of the Lytbox Design Studio.
I have an overwhelming passion for web design and the business behind it. After building a successful web design business, I have shifted my focus and passion to helping other web creators learn and develop a sustainable career in web design. My goal is to help others achieve the same freedom that web design has given me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course and workshop will be live and enrolling students September 2021, and that includes all downloadable templates and assets. The course will be ‘dripped out’ over a 3o day period with a structured curriculum and live Zoom group calls to ensure all students get the most from the course.

You can use the templates for all of your project. There is no limit. I want you to use them as much as possible and close unlimited Maintenance plans! I only ask to be cool and not sell them:)

You’ll have lifetime access and that’s a guarantee. Also, this is just the beginning. There will be updates and and more workshops in the future. Any updates to this course and added content & workshop will be included, no upsells or extra costs. You’re covered.

Currently the only option is PayPal due to my company’s location. You can use a credit and debit card and I hope to have more options in the near future.   

I definitely want to make sure you are happy and see the value in the course and workshops. If you are unhappy you can massage me personally and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of with a full refund as long as with 14 days. 

This course & workshop is for both, those just starting their WordPress Maintenance Business, and especially for those who want to improve their existing business. If you are already offering Care Plans, this course will help you restructure your process into a system that works better for you and can help you sell more plans.

If I were to change anything about my path as a web designer, I would have started offering Maintenance Care Plans from the very beginning. By starting early, you’ll be building up your Monthly Recurring Revenue. The sooner you start, the more predictable income you’ll make in your future. Start as soon as you are building sites for clients!

I can only offer the first 100 signups because I usually charge 250 USD per hour. After all, this is a huge commitment. Once you have completed your course and workshops, you can schedule a 1-on-1 with me. We’ll take as long as needed. I’ll first analyze your system and processes. Next, you’ll have a discovery questionnaire. Then, we’ll hop on an in-depth coaching call to surface the challenges, bottlenecks, and pain points. Finally, we’ll put together an actionable game plan and strategy. We will also be hosting a once-a-month Zoom group call for all signups.

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